Pros and Cons of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

In keeping with the previous post, we though it would be right to present some pros and cons of clarity enhanced diamonds, what can be especially useful for the customers who are viewing an option of purchasing the above mentioned gems. Hope this information will be handy and enable you to make a right decision. So, they are the following:


1. Value for Money
Clarity enhanced diamonds are an excellent way to purchase (in a discount price) a larger diamond of higher color, clarity and carat weight, for a lower price. The diamond is still a real, naturally mined diamond from the ground that has been enhanced to improve its sparkle and brilliance.

2. Improved Clarity
The clarity enhancement will effectively make a lower clarity diamond and make it more beautiful, so if a diamond was visibly included (imperfect) and after the treatment, the diamond will look flawless to the naked eye.

3. Real Natural Diamonds
Unlike other options that are lower in price such as cubic zirconia, synthetic diamonds and Swarovski crystals, clarity enhanced diamonds are real natural diamonds.

The main drawback when considering clarity enhanced diamonds is that the enhancement can be damaged if exposed to extreme heat or corrosive materials. Lower quality, bromide based enhancements may also fade over time. Shiree Odiz CE diamonds, whether purchased as loose diamonds or in engagement rings, come with a lifetime guarantee on the enhancement and are all high quality silicone based treated.


1. Not 100% Natural
Although they are real, natural diamonds, the fact that the clarity has been manually improved can be a mind sore. This is a psychological disadvantage of CE diamonds rather than a physical one.

2. Enhancement is reversible
As mentioned above, it is very important to purchase a clarity enhanced diamond from a vendor that will guarantee the quality of the treatment over time and will re-enhance the diamond free of charge if anything happens. The fact that the enhancement can be reversed can also be considered an advantage as at any point, the treatment can be removed and the diamond will be completely natural. This is not recommended as the diamond will certainly be more beautiful with the enhancement.

3. Difficult to know the original grading
The clarity enhancement can be so effective in many cases that it can be very hard to tell what the original clarity grading of the diamond was originally. For this reason, the GIA does not grade CE diamonds. Furthermore, when setting a CE diamond, extra care needs to be made so as not to damage the stone as it is very difficult to locate its imperfections.

Naturally, after the information you’ve just rest, you would like to know why buy clarity enhanced diamonds? First, you should know that this decision should be your own, based on the information you have at hand. Many companies will offer both enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds, with non-enhanced diamonds of course being more expensive.

The big difference in the price starts with 3/4 carat diamonds and is more significant with 1 carat diamonds and above, where prices can be anything from 2 times the price and more for the same grade (or “look”).

Note that CE diamonds are graded after the enhancement, so it is sometimes difficult to see what the original grading will have been. With smaller diamonds, from 1/4 to 1/2 carat weight, the prices are closer with the mid and lower ranges and differ more with the high quality ranges.

One of the most common questions about clarity enhanced diamonds is about their value. Clarity enhanced diamonds are worth no less, and usually more, than the 100% natural diamond that its original grading represents.

Therefore, a natural SI2 diamond that was clarity enhanced to SI1 will still be worth the same as the SI2 diamond, or more.

If at any time you decide you would like a 100% natural diamond, the clarity enhancement may be removed and the diamond will be untreated.

The main difference is not in the value of clarity enhanced diamonds, rather that they are the same natural diamonds, of the same value, but they look more beautiful, clearer and more sparkling.

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