Eco Diamonds: Environmentally-, Socially- and Pocket-Friendly

Pioneered by Gemesis, synthetic diamonds of jewelry quality are currently manufactured by many diamond-growing companies but along with them there are simulated diamonds that should not be mixed up with man made. One of the manufacturer of simulated diamonds is Eco Diamonds.

Eco Diamonds offer a wide collection of jewelry for special events including wedding and engagement diamond rings. Indeed, this type of substituent for expensive rings can be a nice alternative for a soon-to-be-family, however keep in mind that simulated diamonds unlike man made diamonds won’t serve you long. In this case if you want your diamond ring be as firm as your relationships you should better give preference to real diamonds: either natural if you have enough funds for or man made if you want to save some for a honey moon trip.

The article below reveals the details of how Eco Diamonds produce their simulants, we hope it will help you not to confuse them with man made diamonds:

Combining revolutionary diamond-cutting technology with the jewelry industry’s finest gold and platinum settings, Eco Diamond presents an array of jewelry pieces with impressive diamond-cut European gemstones that meet the strict cutting standards of the Gemological Institute of America. Made with lab created diamond simulants, the man made diamonds have the identical look and feel of the natural ones. In addition, these gem stones can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally, mined diamond.

Satisfied customer Lyle Andrews from Dallas, Texas says about “Eco Diamonds really hit the nail on the head with this business idea. The concept is to offer customers an affordable and socially/environmentally conscious piece of jewelry without compromising quality. Its website is worth commending, as well, as it is sleek and easy to navigate depending on the type of piece you are looking for.” showcases alternative three-stone, and multi-stone diamond bands that are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, engagement and other occasions. Offering exceptional shopping experience, the website offers customers a worry-free 15 day trial and a lifetime warranty on the gemstone.

Individuals who love diamonds, but are looking for an affordable alternative or are conscious about concerns of today’s diamond mining should visit for an array of dazzling products that create a sense of global awareness without compromising the beauty that diamonds offer.

About Eco Diamonds:
Eco Diamonds, Inc. is the leading eco-friendly online jeweler in the United States. Eco Diamonds is committed to providing its customers with the finest jewelry that has the smallest degree of social and environmental impact possible, while meeting the highest design standards of luxury. Combining revolutionary diamond-cutting technology with the jewelry industry’s finest gold and platinum settings, Eco Diamonds allows women to have the opportunity to wear exceptional jewelry at an affordable price. Eco Diamonds, Inc., based in Logan, Utah is a sustainable luxury brand company, with production facilities and strategic partnerships in Louisiana, New York, Mexico, and Austria.

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