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There is a range of diamond simulanted jewelry on the market. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are the most popular diamond alternatives as they are of less value but of diamond resebling luster. However, both of these gems could not stand the test of time. That was probably the reason why Dr. J. Neogi thought of improving the quality of CZ, so now he is the owner of Diamantine company, one of the leading producers of diamond simulants. Though the word ‘diamantine’ resembles ‘diamond’ it has little in common with it. Diamantine is the name of the brand and patented technology of nano-crystaline diamond coating. Diamantine gems are not diamonds though visually look very close to them. To now more about these diamond simulants and the technology applied to produce them, please read the article below:

According to the Serenity Technologies CEO, Dr. Neogi, Nano-crystalline Diamond Coating process is the subject of a US Patent US 20100068503 in the area of treatment of utility and/or decorative objects with thin film nano-crystalline diamond for the purpose of improving optical and physical properties of materials. DiamantineTM is created by employing a multistep treatment process which involves the development of a coating of nano-crystalline diamond particles of size below 60 nm uniformly on all cut surfaces of the gem material utilizing Serenity’s proprietary nano-diamond technology. Each nano-diamond particle is pure sp3 diamond with all its optical and physical properties especially the adamantine luster.

If one visits the Serenity Technologies website one can see gallery images which demonstrate the existence of the nanocrystalline diamond particles on the DiamantineTM Gem in a series of high-resolution micrographs obtained via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the DiamantineTM facets as well as high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM) and spectral analysis of the coating using energy dispersive spectroscopy (STEM/EDS). The average size of the nanocrystalline diamond cluster varies between 5 – 30 nm.

Serenity Technologies have done research to do nanocrystalline diamond treatment which is used to create DiamantineTM the world’s only true look alike of a gem diamond and produced only at Serenity Labs, USA. Serenity Technologies has also made coloured cubic zirconia with nano-diamond coatings.

According to the Serenity Technologies, it is virtually impossible to visually distinguish DiamantineTM from a fine natural diamond. They say the amazing look of DiamantineTM is attributed to the crystalline diamond treatment that envelops the gem rendering it with optical properties close to that of a fine natural diamond. The only way to positively identify DiamantineTM is by its weight, hardness and chemical component. DiamantineTM is machine cut to diamond proportions with superior quality polish as well as thin polished girdles.

This information is taken from Coating Cubic Zirconia with Nano.pdf

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