Alternatives to Natural Diamonds

Time flys, fashion changes, people come and go but there are timeless things that never change — diamonds. ‘Diamonds are forever’ is now a byword but with that it doesn’t mean they are affordable to get. Diamond jewelry is not the item for people from all walks of life, they are chiefly the privilege of the wealthy. With that in mind, diamond alternatives were created. Continue reading in order to discovery the reasons why diamond simulants made in a lab are even better than diamonds in this modern age.

1. Price – It is essentially the cost that makes diamond simulant gemstones so alluring. With diamonds, you are buying a really pretty stone yet you’re also spending a lot for something to sparkle. In these uncertain financial times being savvy with your money is critical. For a quarter of the cost of a mined diamond, you can buy a lab-created diamond simulant ring. Astute jewelry shoppers will tell you they tend to choose diamond simulants almost each time if compared side by side.

2. Value – A lot of experts repeatedly discuss the great deals on the market and the conversation usually ends up on the topic of man-made diamond simulants. Initially it is about the good price and value but other valid points include the look and longevity of these gemstones when they are set in beautiful settings and made with high quality material. On the other hand, women must wear their diamond wedding ring 24/7, day and night for her to get all her money’s worth from that purchase. Lab diamonds are brilliant and you’ll honestly know you’ve made a financially sound purchase.

3. Beauty – No one can question the timeless beauty of a lab-created diamond simulant because they have such brilliance and purity–even more so than many diamonds. In fact, there are a lot of diamonds on the market that are blurry when you look at them and despite being expensive, they just don’t have the shine and sparkle. Diamond simulants are known for their radiance and are free of spots and imperfections. Their shine and luster are unquestionable.

4. Reassurance – Suppose your son just bought your future daughter-in-law a real diamond ring and she goes off to school or university with it. Next thing you know, its been lost/misplaced or even stolen. Can you imagine the heartache? All that money, just gone. However, with a diamond simulant you don’t have that same fear. It makes you feel much better knowing that lab or man made diamond simulants are considerably cheaper than a regular diamond and save yourself the stress and hassle.

5. No One Will Know – There are some women out there who fret about purchasing faux diamonds but it has always been my experience that they always get great comments on them. This is essentially due to the fact that the latest synthetic diamonds have technology which makes them look so genuine that even the best of the jewelry stores are unable to tell–particularly if you buy one in a high quality gold or platinum setting. You can now be happy to purchase gorgeous jewelry for a lot less than a mined diamond.

A few tips like these can really make a difference and help you understand a little more about diamond simulants and why they are excellent diamond alternatives. If you or your co-workers and friends are ever talking about jewelry, bring up diamond alternatives as a viable and affordable option.

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