World Record for a Colorsless Diamond

As far as this website is dedicated to diamonds and everything connected with diamonds we simply can’t omit those diamond gems that become famous not only due to their royal history but price they set at auction.

There are two record breaker in a row: after deep blue diamond sold for $10.8 million at Sotheby’s, there the flawless colorless diamond lot was put up for bid at Christie’s. This stone deserves to be paid more attention so if you like to know more about it, read the article below:

 A large, D-color, Internally Flawless diamond with outstanding pedigree in origin and ownership sold for $21.5 million at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction on Tuesday, setting a world record for the sale of a colorless diamond.

The 76-carat Archduke Joseph Diamond was sold to a phone bidder during the auction held at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva. The unmounted, cushion-shaped gem is from the historic Golconda region of India, one of the oldest diamond mining regions in the world and where some of the most storied diamonds on earth were discovered. The Gemological Institute of America said it is the largest D-color, IF diamond it ever graded from the historic region. It was the property of the Archduke Joseph August of Austria, Palatine of Hungary (1872-1962), a member of the House of Habsburg.

“I am thrilled but not surprised that the Archduke Joseph Diamond should have fetched such a high price,” said the former owner of the diamond, Alfredo J. Molina, CEO of  Black, Starr & Frost jewelers. “I was blessed to be the Archduke’s guardian and champion for the past 13 years, and indeed it has become part of my very identity.”

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