Thieves at Genesis Diamonds

Do you know what the best thing for stealing is? A very small one that is really hard to notice but very precious one to get a pretty sum for it. And diamonds fit it just right. Burglars use a bag of tricks to steal this most sought-after jewels regardless of all security systems attached to protect them. This time the thieves visited Genesis Diamonds at night, the result of it you can find below:

Multiple burglars broke into Genesis Diamonds in Louisville, causing a quick reaction from police.

St. Matthews Police responded to an alarm at the business in the Shelbyville Road Plaza near Mall St. Matthews around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Wendie Canavan, General Manager of the Louisville store, said police responded very quickly and subsequently the burglars were not inside for long.

The jewel thieves entered the business through its roof, according to Canavan. “This building is like Fort Knox to begin with,” she continued, saying they plan to add alarms and beef up security on the building’s roof.

Canavan said the loss of merchandise was minimal and the incident did not affect their operation Saturday.

Detectives are looking for multiple suspects, according to Dennis McDonald, spokesman for the St. Matthews Police Department. He said officers remained at the store for hours into the morning, gathering evidence.

They are reviewing surveillance footage from Genesis Diamonds and other nearby businesses in hopes to identify the suspects.

We will share that footage if police are able to release the pictures later during their investigation.

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