Seeing is Believing. James Allen’s Diamond Display Technology

¬†Online shopping is an easy practice: you buy, you try and either you enjoy the product or send it back. Then you buy the next one and the cycle repeats. This is not a problem when a pair of snickers is concerned. The price is not high, the color you can see on picture and you know what to expect. This is quite the other thing with diamond jewelry especially when it is referred to a diamond engagement or diamond wedding ring. It should be a responsible choice with no risk the purchase is not what it seems. In this case online shopping of diamond jewelry should be out of the question. Luckily James Allen company have found the way out which is called Diamond Display Technology that managed to turn a process of selecting and online buying of diamond jewelry into an admirable process. More about how it works read below: James Allen, one of the leading online bridal jewelry retailers, announced today that it has expanded its collection of fancy color diamondsto include over 1,000 rare and beautiful stones. Currently, customers can design their own engagement ring and choose from a wide selection of canary yellow, pink, blue, green, orange and chocolate brown colored diamonds as a center stone. While these diamonds are frequently sought after by collectors, James Allen’s competitive prices make fancy color diamonds accessible to customers shopping on a budget as well.

What separates James Allen from other fancy color diamond retailers is their exclusive new Diamond Display Technology(TM). is the only website that has magnified 360 degree HD videos of every fancy color diamond in stock. These videos accurately capture the color of the diamonds, which is a necessity when buying a fancy color diamond. Now customers can experience a diamond’s true color, beauty, shape, cut, clarity and sparkle, all from the comfort of home.


Even the largest jewelry stores will not carry more than a few fancy color diamonds, since they are too rare and expensive to stock. When a store does offer color diamonds for sale, the price would be much more than you can find them for on You no longer have to rely on a grading certificate or an eager salesperson when it comes to making a fancy color purchase.


“Until today, there was no way to sell color diamonds online since the depth and saturation of the color was impossible to convey. Some online retailers try to ‘describe’ their diamonds, others put up photos which poorly convey the color of the diamond. Do you really want to buy a fancy vivid blue diamond without seeing it first?” says David Berkovits, Marketing Director at


“Currently, we are home to the largest collection of accurately videoed fancy color diamonds in the world. We now also offer Argyle Pink Diamonds (Rio Tinto subsidiary), which are famous for their pink saturation. Our inventory keeps growing, and more and more diamond manufacturers understand that is the place they want to showcase their diamonds. The ability to rotate diamonds and see their vivid color and incomparable sparkle from any angle is something you won’t find anywhere else,” adds Berkovits.


Every fancy color diamond from James Allen comes backed with its Risk-Free Retail policy: Free shipping, free returns, a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If customers have any questions or need help, James Allen’s highly trained staff of gemologists and customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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