Rahaminov Diamonds Have Got A New Face

Diamonds don’t need to be advertised. Even kids know they are costly but these are adults who realize diamond’s initial value. But sometimes to promote definite brand mark advertisement is needed. Rahaminov Diamonds is actually a known brand located in Los Angeles that has recently launched a brand new advertisement. To find out what the idea of the marketing strategy is, read the information below:

Rahaminov Diamonds created a new advertising and marketing campaign to start off the new year, featuring a charismatic, blond model wearing the latest   diamond creations by Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner. ford model

The diamond brand will debut these advertisements in leading jewelry trade and select consumer lifestyle magazines. Print and digital ads were shot on location in Malibu, California by luxury lifestyle photographer Geoffrey Ragatz.

“As the fresh, new face of Rahaminov Diamonds, our model embodies the successful, strong and self-assured modern woman,” said Amir Goldfiner, the CEO of Rahaminov Diamonds.

Rahaminov Diamonds is a privately owned company located in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in fine-cut fancy colored diamonds and rare center-cut stones in a variety of jewelry designs. All diamond and jewelry creations are made in the U.S.

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