Most Talked About Diamonds: Brown Diamonds

Recently there was only the color aspect that instantly skyrocketed the price for a diamond, now there is also the conferences devoted to certain shade of a gem to even more arouse interest for them, thus to increase the price tag. It looks like a never ending raising spiral, but with the latest tendencies for conferences devoted to colored diamonds it really is.

This spring the Natural Color Diamond Associations (NCDIA) held the Blue Diamond Conference devoted to the diamonds of this rare color. Inspired by its success, the NCDIA board announced another unique event dedicated to brown gems this time. The event is planned for October 2013. More about it read below:

After a successful conference on blue diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Education Center in New York, the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) board announced it was planning an even larger event —this time focused on the most widely used natural color diamond— brown.

The recent blue diamond conference, led by the NCDIA’s educational director, Tom Gelb, was attended by nearly 100 people representing NCDIA members and a wide range of retailers including representatives from Tiffany & Co., Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Christie’s and Sotheby’s. It coincided with the launch of the association’s Natural Color Blue Diamond Edition, which will be available in Las Vegas. A “show and tell” session led by NCDIA members Nice Diamonds, Ishay Ben-David and Kristin Hanson provided attendees with a close-up view of the natural blue diamonds.

“NCDIA is a resource for information and education on natural color diamonds,” noted Jeff Post, NCDIA’s president. “Brown diamonds are ‘the entrée’ into the fancy color world, so it is important our industry speak intelligently about the product – on a designer and manufacturing – and a retail level.”

Brown diamonds are referred to throughout the industry as champagne, cognac, brown, latte; even trademarked names such as Levian’s Chocolate diamonds. From bridal, to fashion and beyond, these price-pointed gemstones provide consumers and designers with the most flash for the cash. The NCDIA brown diamond event will be held in New York in October, just in time for participants to incorporate these gems into their holiday promotions. Exact date and location of the brown diamond conference will be announced, and brown diamonds will also be the leading subject of the next quarterly NCDIA newsletter.

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