Modern Trends For Wedding Rings

Speaking about diamonds we first of all think about diamond jewelry rather than tiny diamonds used for industrial needs. Appealing as they are, they are created for pleasing the eyes of a viewer, but the progress couldn’t go so far without them, it’s true. Diamond is a versatile material valued for its unique properties and at the same time this is a number one choice for the engagement rings. But diamonds are various differing in shape, color, and size and choosing the diamond engagement ring may turn into a painstaking routine for the majority of the customers. Here is the article focusing on most recent tendencies for diamond wedding rings that we hope can help you make a right choice.

In the 25 years I have been involved in the jewelry business, I have seen the world of “commitment” bands grow from rainbow colored rings to high tech industrial looks to great classics both with and without stones.

But my favorite evolution in the “commitment” category is seeing couples proud to walk into a jewelry store and pick out the rings that show their love for each other. Two decades ago, while running a mall jewelry store, I would notice an individual shopping for bands and note their preferences on a business card. I then realized a different person (the partner to be) would bring the card back alone to see what the first picked out.

It struck me as wrong that all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, could not comfortably share in the great experience of picking out rings together.

Fast forward to 2013: While the jewelry industry has become more accepting, there is still progress to be made. Number one and most important, why do we need to call them “commitment” rings? Since everyone deserves the same rights to marry, from this day forward let’s drop the term commitment rings and stick to “wedding rings.”

Some of the hottest trends in wedding rings are rose gold, white and black diamonds mixed together for both men and women, as well as a return to precious metal rings. There is no doubt that the alternative metals — titanium, tungsten carbide and cobalt chrome — all are still very strong for wedding rings as these metals offer a huge range of styles at great prices.

But more and more we have noticed that many couples are back to choosing precious metal rings, be it white or yellow gold, platinum or palladium. I feel people have realized these metals are timeless and we can all relate to them as our parents and grandparents wore these special metals.

Colored diamonds and colored stones have also become a great way to show your individuality. The most popular stone choice has become black diamonds. These unique diamonds offer a great look without out being too flashy.

Both male and female couples often choose to purchase only one ring that they put on at the ceremony, while others choose to start with engagement rings so they can start showing their devotion to each other right away.

Many female couples choose to go with a ring emphasizing a center stone with side accent diamonds, and then add on another band at the actual ceremony. We also see many male couples starting with engagement bands and then adding on an accent band, on one or both sides, at their ceremony.

Other couples who choose to start with engagement bands simply add a single diamond or colored stone to their original rings before their ceremony.

In all of these choices, many couples come in planning to get identical rings. Upon seeing the range of styles, many realize that each partner can pick a different ring to show their individual taste, but still complement their mate’s. They may end up with different styles or simply the same style in a different width; one may have stones and one may not.

Remember these wedding bands symbolize your love for each other. Realize your taste today will continue to evolve just as your love does, so be willing to go a little outside of your style comfort zone when choosing your rings and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

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