Gabriel & Co. is Ready to Present New Collection of Jewelry for Fall 2014

Before anything else Gabriel & Co. are striving to attract the attention of the customers and to satisfy their needs by offering exquisite diamond jewelry of modern designs. Probably boosted by their success of Amavida Diamond Engagement Rings Collection they are ready to impress another category of customers this time: they are ladies striving for fresh everyday designs rather than for an engagement rings. Take a sneak peak at Gabriel & Co. fall 2014 collection of jewelry:

Gabriel & Co. launched five new fine jewelry collections for the fall 2014 that were handmade with 14-karat and 18-karat gold, sterling silver, diamonds and colored gemstones. The company’s newly appointed global style director, Hal Rubenstein, curated the pieces, all of which support styles that women can wear  daily, rather than tucking  them  away for special occasions.

Rubenstein purposely mixed colors, textures and finishes into a fusion of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs that help the wearer seamlessly transition  between daytime and evening fashion.  gabriel & co

The Byblos collection features a beaten sheen of sterling silver and pastel-colored semi-precious gemstones, while the Kaslique line boasts a mixture of edginess  and sparkle with diamond encrusted spikes and geometric shapes. The Saudade collection blends delicate  pave diamonds, rubies and sapphires; Stellaré highlights a golden selection of personal pendants, earrings and rings made with soft hues of amethyst, blue topaz, green onyx, smoky quartz and diamonds and the Amavida collection features a bold collection of 18-karat gold and diamond statement pieces.

“The five new collections that I curated for Gabriel & Co are distinctive and exclusive; and yet all share a wonderful overriding philosophy – that beautifully crafted jewelry is not to be stored and saved for specific occasions,” said Rubenstein. “Instead, I believe jewelry should be worn every day because we you never know which day is going to turn out to be special and when that happens, shouldn’t you always look your best?”

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