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Earning money is one thing, but saving them is quite another. That is why the issue of the best investment picks is always urgent. But it’s not the secret that diamonds are always one of the picks, especially fancy colored diamonds. They do have pretty large price tags but apart from that their cost tends to grow even higher. Let’s speak about pink diamonds, the shade so loved by ladies and with the prospects so promising for investors. What is so special about them?

High profile pink diamonds have led several auctions in recent years. The 24.78 carat “Graff Pink” diamond sold at Sotheby’s for $46 million on November 16, 2010. In May 2011 Sotheby’s sold another large pink diamond for $10.84 million, a 10.99 carat fancy intense pink. While natural pink diamonds are costly and rare, pink diamonds of varying carat weights, hues and saturations are available.

The Graff Pink Diamond
Photo: Sotheby’s
The Graff Pink

A fancy intense pink, the 24.78 carat “Graff Pink” sold at Sotheby’s for $46 million on November 16, 2010.

Pink Diamond Details

Cause of Color: The color of pink diamonds is generally thought to be caused by colored graining, which results from structural irregularities in combination with an impurity.

Secondary Colors: Common secondary colors in pink diamonds include brownish pink, orangish pink, and purplish pink.

Rarity: Paler pinks with secondary hues are more common than pure and intense pinks. Natural fancy pinks are appreciably rare regardless of secondary colors and are priced accordingly.

Grading: Pink diamonds are graded as Faint Pink, Very Light Pink, Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Dark Pink, Fancy Deep Pink, and Fancy Vivid Pink.

Mining: Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine produces most of the world’s pink diamonds, which are sold at the annual Pink Tender.

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