Exquisite Rahaminov Diamonds’ Bridal Ring Won the First Price

Probably inspired by the updated face of the company or simply following the creative tendency, Rahaminov Diamonds proudly meet the challenge to created the most beautiful bridal ring. And voilà, they won the Platinum Innovation Award in the category named ‘Design Challenge’ at the Platinum Innovation Award Competition. You may want to know more details about the ring, the show and the details of how that jewel was created, so here are the details:

“It was such a great achievement to have won this award, considering this was the first year we entered the Platinum Innovation Awards competition,” said Amir Goldfiner, the CEO of Rahaminov Diamonds. jck winner awards

A week before the show, Rahaminov Diamonds kept us guessing with announcing an unveiling of their exquisite and rare jewels being debuted at JCK Vegas. Six stunning pieces were showcased in their booth at the show. The line-up included one of the most tantalizing and rare diamonds named the “Vivid Ocean,” a fancy vivid-bluish green radiant-cut diamond; the “Golden Majesty,” a colossal natural fancy yellow diamond, weighing 40.23 carats; the “One Hundred” bracelet, created with a collection of 100 fancy colored diamonds and weighing an amazing 100 carats; the “Pink & Green,” a beautiful 2.05-carat natural fancy yellow-green cushion-cut diamond with natural pink melee; the “Fancy Pink,” a 7.09-carat radiant-cut diamond and, finally, the “Vibrant Bloom,” an extremely rare collection of eight GIA-certified natural fancy colored diamonds known to exist, which happens to be the winning piece entered into the competition.

PGI-USA challenged all designers to create one platinum jewelry piece inspired by the traditional five-year anniversary gift of wood. PGI urged designers to get in tune with nature and incorporate the theme into a unique platinum piece.  The “Vibrant Bloom” was the perfect piece for this category and spans across the color spectrum of pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow; the color palette inspired by nature.

Rahaminov Diamonds was honored at the show on Sunday, June 1, 2014 as the winner of the award and was presented the notice by PGI.

Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, said, “I’m so honored to receive recognition for this beautiful piece and am very thankful to all those who voted.”

The internationally renowned luxury jewelry design house is known for producing some of the most impressive jewelry pieces. Tamara’s designs have received critical notice in past years, winning JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award two years in a row. Each design is proudly made in the U.S.A.  Rahaminov is wholesale to the trade only.

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