Eurostar Diamond Traders at Taiwan Gem Fair

Fall is a lovely season associated with yellow leaves, tender summer, rich harvest and warm rain. But harvest is not only fruit and vegetable but sales as well. In terms of diamonds there are also a range of sales specifically organized in autumn. And Taiwan Jewellery and Gem Fair is going to be the peak of end-of-fall period. The sale will have a special guest this time – Eurostar Diamond Traders, the largest diamond manufacture in the world. Read more about it here:

Eurostar Diamond Traders, the world’s largest diamond manufacturer by turnover, will be present for the very first time at the Taiwan Jewellery and Gem Fair from November 15 to 18. Just in time for the peak end-of-year period, Eurostar Diamond will dazzle visitors to Taipei with some of the finest masterpieces ever crafted from its high-quality diamonds.

A First for the Taiwan Jewellery and Gem Fair

Keen to impress some of the world’s most demanding retailers, jewelers and watchmakers, Eurostar Diamond will be showcasing some of its latest innovations designed to ensure maximum precision, quality and peace of mind for its customers.

Kaushik K. Mehta, the chairman of Eurostar Diamond Traders, said, “We look forward to sharing Taiwan’s passion for the most beautiful diamonds by being present for the first time at the Taiwan Jewellery and Gem Fair.

”You only get one chance to make a first impression, and as our interests and those of the Taiwan market are well aligned, we will be making an extra effort to ensure a lasting impression with our finest gemstones.”

With consumer demand on the rise again, Eurostar Diamond is convinced that its high-quality gems, proven precision and reliable logistics network will make all the difference for its customers in Taiwan and the surrounding region.

Perfect Timing

November is the ideal time to meet the needs of the market. Peak season is on its way including Christmas, New Years, the Chinese New Year and St. Valentine’s Day. On the local market, the end of year period is also the traditional time for weddings and for rewarding oneself for a hard year’s work. Eurostar Diamond will be out in force to tempt Taiwanese buyers and manufacturers, not only with the finest quality gemstones but also with a range of innovative services designed to help them get the most out of their investment.

Beauty Guaranteed

Every Eurostar diamond, for example, comes with a unique certificate, guaranteeing the highest degree of authenticity and quality. Each certificate is issued by Eurostar Diamond in collaboration with the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, the technical face of the De Beers Group. Respected the world over for its unique classification and certification services, the certificate offers even more peace of mind to Eurostar Diamond customers than ever before. To protect their investment and secure it for the future. Each and every Eurostar hearts and arrows diamond promises maximum light return for maximum brilliance. This unique beauty is made possible  through the perfect alignment of every facet and every angle of every diamond.

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