Are You Ready For a Great Show Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris?

At least the Graff Diamonds company is. They are making the finishing touch to a brand new collection to stun the public. Maria Doulton was one of a few who had a chance to have a sneak peek at some pieces the Graff Diamonds are ready to present during this great event that will start September 11 and will last till 21 September. Here are her impressions on what she could discovered and breath-taking pictures of unique jewelry:

Earlier this week, at the Graff Diamonds head offices in London, several dark blue leather cases the size of cigar boxes were opened on the table before me. As each revealed its velvet-encased captive, I found myself carat-dazed, not something that happens often in my daily jewellery amblings.

While I don’t want to reveal too much, it was very special. And that is because Graff is putting the finishing touches on some of its most magnificent gems to go on show at the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris in a month’s time. And the jewellery house can’t help but offer little glimpses of the creations to clients and the curious like me, before the grand reveal.

Reclining regally in a padded velvet case was the Nuage suite. In the necklace, diamonds are set into cloud and flower shapes and dotted with rubies. The diamonds and rubies encircle the neck and cinch a superb 5.10-carat Pigeon’s Blood Burmese ruby before continuing down the décolletage in two ruby-fringed cascades. Pigeon’s Blood is an industry term to describe traditionally the most sought-after colour for rubies.

One look at the combination of 59.43 carats of shimmering diamonds and the glossy deep red rubies is enough to understand the magnificent effect of nestling the best rubies amongst the finest diamonds: the diamonds shine brighter and the rubies look lusher. It’s all the more impressive because these spectacular top quality rubies are increasingly only found in smaller sizes, unlike sapphires and emeralds which can still be found in significant, gobstopper sizes.

Next I had before me Le Collier Bleu de Reve, the star of which is a 10.47-carat briolette Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless diamond. This hugely valuable stone swings from a diamond floral motif that is strung between two strands of diamond beads. I am sure that the dainty insouciance and outrageous value of this necklace would have titillated Marie Antoinette and her crowd. I am mesmerised by the delicate blue hue of the diamond briolette, but hang on, that 4.22-carat emerald sitting amongst the cluster of diamonds is vying for my attention.

Absolutely clear to the eye, this antique emerald, known as an “old mine” has a light of its very own, capable of standing up to that hugely valuable blue diamond in a David and Goliath jewellery moment. Something I didn’t think I would ever see but true to Laurence Graff’s philosophy of choosing “emeralds greener than green”. One of these stones alone would have been enough to knock my socks off, but two in one necklace, well that is just too good to be true.

But could there be another trick up Graff’s sleeve? The edginess of the security guard sitting in the corner suggested that there were dozens more millions of pounds worth of jewellery on the table. But I can’t tell you any more for the moment. Though I will say that what I saw has a fire so bright that it could scorch holes through its leather case. These gems are raring to get out of the vault and beam their brilliance across the world. Roll on Paris.

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