Antwerp Diamond Trading Companies on Asian Tour to Meet Diamond and Jewelry Firms There

If there is ever a diamond city then this is definitely Antwerp. World diamond trade is normally associated with the diamond district in the center of this Belgian city, where the concentration of diamond traders is incredibly high. There were different communities to dominate the diamond trading business at certain periods of time: Jewish then Indian traders but now these are Asian (Malaysian and Singaporean) businessmen to spread their tentacles right to Antwerp diamonds. More about that read below:

Representatives of 12 Antwerp diamond companies took part in a B2B trade mission to three major Asian diamond consuming markets organized by ACTYF (Antwerp Comes To You First).

 The Belgian diamantaires networked with members of the Indonesian diamond and jewelry trades who are members of the Indonesian jewelry association, APEPI, at the Belgian Embassy in Jakarta on May 10, followed by a seminar on synthetic diamonds by IGI and a visit to the Indonesian jewelry show on May 11.

 The Antwerp firms – IGI, Vets Alphi Diamonds Mfg, Muller & Sons, Rubin & Zonen, Gumuchdjian, Antex International, Lustig Brothers, SDE Group, Supergems, My Dear Diamonds, Diamant Impex and Rosy Blue – also held a meeting on May 14 with 70 members of the Federation of Goldsmiths and Jewellers Associations of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

 The final stop of the Asia tour was Singapore on May 16 where the Belgian firms met around 65 leading members of the Diamond Exchange of Singapore and the Singapore Jewellers Association, in addition to hearing an IGI seminar.

 ACTYF said the 12 Antwerp diamond companies met with 150 leading members of the national diamond and jewelry associations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore during the trade tour which enabled them to create new business relations.

 The organization is planning further such initiatives in Asia and in the United States in the near future with participation open to all Antwerp diamond companies.

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