A Record Holder Among Blue Diamonds So Far

When there is a fancy colored diamonds this is by no means a great finding, but when it breaks the price record at auction this is a resonant event that is firmly sealed in the history of diamonds sales. A “Trombino” ring found its place not only in a jewelry box of Laurence Graff but in the history as well. More about the event and the price paid read below:

A “Trombino” ring created by Italian jeweler Bulgari and set with a rare 5.3-carat blue diamond fetched a record 6.2 million British pounds, or $9.6 million, at a Bonham’s auction in London in April, when it was sold to Laurence Graff.

The ring had been forecast to fetch between 1 million pounds and 1.5 million pounds, so the actual price was more than four times its pre-sale estimate. Fetching a record $1.8 million per carat for a blue diamond, it beat the previous world record of $1.68 million per carat.

According to the auction catalog, fewer than 30 blue diamonds of more than 5 carats have ever been auctioned.

The cushion-shaped fancy deep-blue diamond was set in the Trombino ring surrounded by pave-set round and baguette-cut diamonds.

“We are delighted with the price it has made. It was a sensational stone which charmed everyone who viewed it prior to the sale. Blue diamonds, especially those over 5 carats, are extremely rare to see on the market and continue to be highly sought-after. We are honored to have handled the sale of such a unique gem,” said Jean Ghika, director of Bonham’s Jewelry Department for Europe.

The article is taken from http://www.gemewizard.com/newsletters/view_article.php?id=191

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