What Diamond Clarity to Choose

As far as the previous post was about diamond clarity, you might want to find out what is the ultimate clarity of diamond jewelry to satisfy your demands and yet not to break the bank. While it’s clear that IF, or internally flawless diamonds, can be rather seen in museums than on someone’s finger, there can still be hesitations about what diamonds you should consider on when buying. Pay attention to this bit of information concerning the favorable diamond clarity for mere customers:

VS Clarity is the ultimate clarity for a diamond. Granted, it’s not the highest or the cleanest clarity available… And it does have minor flaws in it, but… VS Clarity is just absolutely astounding!

What VS Clarity does to enhance a diamond’s beauty is simply breathtaking.

Let’s take a closer look.

VS Definition

VS Clarity means that the diamond is Very Slightly Included. Some say Very Slight Imperfections, others say Very Small Inclusions, but the bottom line is, the Inclusions ARE small.

VS Clarity Diamonds are in the top 14% of all the finest clarity diamonds in the world. That’s pretty impressive. It just goes to show you how rare a diamond this clean is. The VS Clarity Range is actually broken up into 2 groups: VS1 and VS2. VS1 is slightly better than VS2.

VS1 is at the top of the VS Clarity range right underneath VVS (Very Very Slightly Included).

And above that is Internally Flawless. VVS and Flawless are extremely rare in nature and are very hard to find on the market. If you do find them, you’ll certainly pay top dollar for them.

VS is a combination of having an excellent looking Clarity and still being within an affordable price range.

VS1 Clarity

VS1 Clarity Diamonds hold up very well under scrutiny. Even under a 10x (ten powered) Jeweler’s Loupe the inclusions in a VS Clarity Diamond will be hard to locate. The words “Very Slightly Included” almost make it sound like it’s “Very Included“, but that’s furthest from the truth. That little word “Slightly” is stuck in the middle and when it means “Slightly”, it means it.

What makes VS Clarity so Great?

So why would we advise one to purchase VS Clarity Diamonds? Because VS Clarity has Inclusions so small they are invisible to the naked eye! No matter if you look at the diamond from the top view, side view or upside down, the inclusions in a VS Clarity Diamond are sight unseen. Even under a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe, those inclusions will be difficult to see. Normal people will spot a couple of the inclusions, but to most people VS looks perfect!

With VS Clarity being so clean, it actually allows more light to penetrate the diamond. More light, means more sparkles and more brilliance.

Diamonds lower in Clarity, (having more inclusions) can stop light from reflecting in the stone and make it appear duller, giving it less life and fire. VS doesn’t have that problem, it allows the light to shine. Dazzling light that makes the diamond more beautiful and precious.

Compare Clarities

The next time you’re in a Jewelry store, scope a couple different clarity ranges. Look at an I Clarity diamond, you’ll quickly see a puzzle of flaws and imperfections. Then go and scope out an SI Clarity diamond, and you’ll see the flaws get smaller and minute. SI doesn’t look so bad. Especially since the inclusions in an I Clarity diamond are so large that you can see them with the naked eye!

Then finally scope a VS Clarity Diamond, instantly you’ll see a major difference. You’ll be amazed and shocked at the comparison.

Inclusions Disappear

You’ll see the inclusions just about disappear. You’ll see the sparkles and the beauty shine through. Once you see a VS Diamond under a Microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe, you’ll never want any other Clarity. It’ll change your opinions that quick.

VS Clarity Diamonds are a little bit more pricey, but when you buy quality like VS, it’ll last you a lifetime and you’ll never even “slightly” regret it!

The information is taken from http://www.jewelry-secrets.com/Diamonds/VS-Clarity-Diamonds/Why-VS-Clarity-Is-The-Best-Clarity.html


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