UAB and BBA to Assist Synthetic Diamond Researches

It’s one thing to win the grant but it’s quite the other to spend it right way. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) don’t have problems with both issues. Funds got from “Partnership and Innovation” grant will be used for a synthetic diamond research projects. Read the details below:

UAB is making strides in improving the health and lives of everyday people. The university, along with the Birmingham Business Alliance, are the winners of a $600,000 grant through the National Science Foundation. Money from the “Partnership for Innovation” grant will be used to fund a synthetic diamond research project, called “Innovations in Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond Crystals and Nanostructured Diamond Coatings.” The project aims to create synthetic diamonds to be used in things like industrial and medical lasers and biomedical implants.

BBA Vice President of Innovation and Technology Steven Ceulemans says “this grant is a great example of how a true partnership between our academic, industry and economic development communities can make us nationally competitive. It will allow us to bring superior synthetic diamond technologies to market that might change the lives of people around the world, and do so in a way that promotes the economic growth of our region and provides high-quality jobs for Alabamians.”

The grant is only one of 17 awarded nationally, and the first ever to be awarded in Alabama.

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