The Larges Diamond Grown in the Lab. Here It Is!

It’s a known fact that lab diamonds are grown in the conditions similar to natural where high pressure and high temperature are applied. This allows to get real diamonds that visually and chemically resemble natural stones. Now it’s easy to explain such a large demand for them. But this is the problem with lab diamonds – they are small. While in nature they are found as big rocky stones, in the lab they are grown of smaller size. Yet scientists and engineers make real progress by improving technology that now helps to create large stones and here is the largest one so far.

Now, I don’t think there is an official tally keeping score of how big and pure these stones have gotten. But Eric Franklin of D.Nea Diamonds writes in with what he considers a milestone:

We recently received back a diamond from AGS that finished as a 1.07 ct. G color, IF clarity. This is the largest, whitest, cleanest lab-grown diamond I’m aware of. It’s an as-grown color too, unlike the treated CVD’s on the market.

The stone is selling for $5,767, or $5,390 a carat. The closest I could find to it on Blue Nile, was a 1.06 ct. G color, IF clarity radiant, selling for $5,966, or $5,628 a carat. That’s a price differential, but not a huge one.

Item #:WR05
Price Per Carat: $5,390.00
Weight: 1.07 carat
Color: G
Clarity: IF
Origin: AOTC Created
Certification: AGS # 404051543001
Dimensions: 5.58×5.54×3.96mm

One interesting question brought up here: While it’s impressive the stone isn’t treated, will that matter to lab-grown buyers? Many legal watchers even think that, because it’s already a non-natural stone, the treatment doesn’t have to be disclosed.

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