Synthetic Diamonds No Longer a Dream

After years of research in a former Russian space lab where the HPHT (high pressure high temperature) diamonds method for producing synthetic gem-quality diamonds was originally developed and applied, New Age Diamonds is ready to enter the market with a new company strategy that includes lab-cultured gem quality diamonds which it claims are totally identical to natural ones. It continues its experiments for the purpose of obtaining gem-quality cultured diamonds, as well as diamonds for technical needs in the field of microelectronics, and innovation of technology.

New Age is billing itself as not just one more company trying to amaze the world and unshakeable diamond empire. Actually, it is in the midst of a wide scope of production where 120 unique high-capacity machines are producing orange, vivid yellow and greenish diamonds, grown in the lab. Lab-created diamonds share the identical optical, chemical, and physical properties of natural diamonds. Detection of synthetic diamond is very difficult. Testing procedures involve evaluation of magnetic properties, fluorescence patterns and the identification of diagnostic inclusions.

All mined stones have their specific properties that make each of them unique. New Age manufacture doesn’t produce industrial diamond clones either! The company claims that each of its stones has been grown individually and also has its own personality. The company’s aim is not to conquer the stable and respectable diamond market, but rather to find new one for synthetic diamonds.

“Our aim is not to conquer the stable and respectable diamond market, but to find the new one for our synthetic diamonds, the special niche that definitely exists. The reason to buy New Age Diamonds is obvious – they are as beautiful as real fancy colored diamonds, they have their brilliance and fire – but the price is times less”.

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