Synthetic Diamonds Sold As Natural Diamonds

About a year ago the news concerning undisclosed synthetic diamonds that were sent to GIA laboratory for grading shattered the world. After that there were the number of various events organized to raise diamond traders consciousness on synthetic diamonds, thus to prevent them from being mixed together with natural ones. This sword has double edges. On the one hand, this is the problem that diamond experts pay high price in hope they get the jewels they want but instead find they are actually cheated. But on the other, this example once again shows that synthetic diamonds look absolutely the same as natural and it’s impossible to distinguish first from the second. This is what made the stir this time:

Diamantaires in Indian diamond industry are reeling under shock after a large number of synthetic diamonds were recovered from diamond parcels sold to two big companies.

Sources in the market said that a Japanese client of a DTC sightholder company has sent back the diamond parcel after half of the stones were detected as ‘synthetic’. Similarly, another Mumbai-based company received around 50 per cent of synthetic stones in parcel sold by a local trader. A total of 30 to 50 carat of synthetic diamonds were mixed with the parcels of original diamonds.

Sources that synthetic stones are mixed in diamond parcels of the natural polished and they are in circulation. Since it is very difficult to detect synthetic diamonds, the merchants cannot not identify the synthetic stones and sell it to the big and medium export companies.

The mixing of synthetic stones is mostly done in small sized stones known as ‘stars’ and ‘melee’. These types of diamonds have a huge market in Japan, US and India.

“We are yet to confirm the issue. There are messages about the synthetic stones being recovered from the natural diamond parcels,” said an office-bearer of Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). Vipul Shah, chairman of GJEPC, was not available for comments.

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