Synthetic Diamonds Attack Australia

The issue of undetected diamond is in the air everywhere, better to say worldwide. It has come to Australia recently, where no one expected it to appear. DejaVu: the situation repeats as it was a year ago. A parcel of diamonds were sold as natural, the place is the only difference. This is how it happened:

As the global diamond industry moves to stem the trade in synthetic diamonds that masquerade as natural diamonds, no country, however remote, is safe. Last week in Australia, for what may be the first time, diamonds which were said to be natural – and which were purchased on that assumption – turned out to be created in a laboratory, Jeweler Magazine reports.

A parcel of precious gems was submitted for testing to Gem Studies Laboratory in Sydney, and the gemologists on staff found that five of the fancy yellow stones within, which ranged in size from 20 points to 35 points, were in fact synthetic and unnatural. The lab’s director Bill Sechos said he anticipated that in the future, more synthetic stones would turn up, as this phenomenon has become more and more commonplace in the rest of the world.

Of the diamonds that reach Australia’s shores, more of them originate in India than in any other country, according to Jeweler Magazine. India, too, has suffered from cases in which synthetic diamonds were deceptively mixed among natural diamonds.

This situation that migrates to the father parts of the world puts the whole system into question: are you sure the diamond you’ve got is natural? If there is no difference between natural and synthetic, are naturals worth the high price?

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