New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds™ is a new trademark having consolidated under this brand a Russian former space lab where originally was developed and applied HPHT method for producing lab-created gem-quality diamonds – as well as the diamonds for technical needs in the field of optic- and microelectronics – and all representative branches.

Today we offer lab-cultured gem quality diamonds totally identical to natural ones. Now it’s possible with the state-of-the-art pure HPHT (high pressure high temperature) method of producing conflict free diamonds.

All mined stones have their specific properties that make each of them unique. New Age Diamonds manufacture doesn’t produce industrial diamond clones either! Each of our stones has been grown individually and also has its personality. Lab-created diamonds have optical, chemical, and physical properties of natural diamonds – their fascinating fire and excellent brilliance…

Beauty of New Age Diamonds™ is obvious. Whether mounted in refined white gold or elegant platinum, stylish designed rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants they are the best gifts, always desirable and enjoyable.

Rich intensive colours of New Age Diamonds™ give the unique possibilities for contemporary design of jewellery – affordable adornment for new generation, open-minded and new fashion oriented people who don’t have any prejudices and can value the beauty and the purity of New Age Diamonds™ rocks.

We have a large stock of ready to be immediately delivered stones. You can choose the diamonds by size, color, cut and clarity. If there are no stones of your choice we could inform exactly an availability period for your specification. All New Age Diamonds™ pass through a strict quality control measures in gemological laboratory to determine their cost and to describe each of them properly. All stones are well cut and have a good fire and brilliance.

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