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Many pet owners treat their pets as the family members, likewise they like to experience together the joy of life. But life is not eternal, you can’t stop the time to extent the pleasant moments with your pet. Yet there is an option to soothe your moaning by having an eternal reminder of your best furry friend – a real diamond made of pet’s hair. Even though it can’t substitute your close soul, yet it can be a beautifully decent keepsake reminding you of all those funny days spent together.

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Personalized memorial diamonds can now be created with carbon sources captured from pet hair and pet ashes.

If you’ve never heard of memorial diamonds, you’re not alone. Only a few select companies like DNA2Diamonds and LifeGem and Heart in Diamond (added by author)  specialize in diamonds created from personalized carbon sources, and they are all relatively new. Like natural diamonds, these diamonds do not come cheap – but they offer a unique option for a truly lasting memorial of a beloved companion.

Memorial diamonds are created from the same laboratory processes which are used to form synthetic man-made diamonds – and they have the exact same physical and chemical properties as real diamonds. The only difference is that these diamonds are made with a personalized carbon source instead of a generic carbon source.

In most cases, the laboratories will need ½ cup of hair or ¾ cup of ashes to create the diamond. But if these amounts are not available a memorial diamond is still possible.

Tom Bischoff, President and CEO of DNA2Diamonds, said that his company can still create a personalized diamond with smaller amounts of carbon sources. “In some cases we have situations where people didn’t have that amount of either, and we work with that. What happens is we simply supplement that personal carbon with some generic carbon.”

It doesn’t matter how old the hair or ashes are either. If you think you may be interested in a memorial diamond for your pet when the time comes, you can start collecting hair from your pet now.

In most cases, a collection kit is sent to pet owners – but if the idea of collecting a pet’s ashes or hair is too painful, pet owners can make other arrangements with the crematorium or through their veterinarian.  If these arrangements cannot be made, an urn can also be sent directly to the memorial diamond company and the urn will be returned after the ashes have been collected.

Options for memorial diamonds are pretty limitless too. They can be cut into brilliant round, princess and radiant cuts, are available in colors including white, blue, yellow, cognac, and red – and they can be created with multiple carbon sources.

So for example, a pet’s ashes can be combined with a pet owner’s lock of hair to create a diamond using both carbon sources – or a diamond can be created from multiple carbon sources from multiple pets. Two smaller diamonds can even be created from one carbon source. And diamond sizes can range from less than ¼ carat to over 1 carat in size.

The final diamonds may be set in customized earrings, brooches, necklace pendants and even cufflinks. Prices range from over $2,000 dollars for the smaller carat sizes to over $6,000 dollars and above for sizes of ½ carat and larger. It generally takes around 3 to 4 months to create the diamonds too.

Tom Bischoff added that his company stays in touch with clients from start to finish, “We maintain communication all the way through the process. You almost develop a friendship, and it’s a very rewarding kind of business.”

What about you? Would you consider a memorial diamond?

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