Man-made Diamonds: Meant to Save Your Money

More and more people turning their attention to lab-grown diamonds. Some due to their eco conscious views, other – to save on jewelry, but both agree that these diamonds are a number one alternative to natural stones. It’s especially discernibly when larger diamonds (like 3+ carats in size) are considered. There’s yet another company to offer man-made diamonds on jewelry market – Pure Grown Diamonds. You can find more about them and their products in the article below:

The holidays are a time for giving, especially for giving engagement rings. One out of every four couples who get married get engaged in November or December.

If you’re one of those couples or if you’ve looked at diamond prices lately, it’s big money.  Now there is a way to still buy a big rock and save some big dough.

Three carats is a big diamond, but this isn’t just any diamond — it’s a man made diamond made from a company called Pure Grown Diamonds.  The stones are made from heat and pressure in a lab, much the same way mined stones are made in the Earth. The only difference is the price.

“It’s a significant savings, diamond prices are up about 75 percent over the past few years. People who come across the man-made diamonds are in shock of the savings,” said Lisa Bissell with Pure Grown Diamonds.

These diamonds cost about 30 to 40 percent less than a mined stone, a typical 1 carat engagement ring sells for about $5,000 and a man made stone costs about $3,000.

Michael Strong owns Michael’s Jewelers on Central Avenue. He took a good long look at a man made stone and said it looked like a nice diamond to him, “But I wouldn’t carry it, because I feel if a person is going to spend $5,000 for a diamond, he should have a natural, a real one.”

Many may share those feelings but others say saving thousands on a diamond doesn’t matter. Especially when you are talking big stones like a 3 carat job we showed you earlier.

“The Earth mined diamond would be $40,000 and this is $23,000. $12,000 is a significant savings,” said Bissell.

The company sells the diamonds on its website and also has retailers here in the valley. The CEO of the company said sales are really taking off.

The article is taken from fox10phoenix.

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