Lucent Diamonds

Lucent Diamonds offers lab-grown diamonds in brilliant colors.

Lucent is a dictionary word meaning shining and luminous, and it describes all of diamond lines with a beautiful and poetic image. Lucent Diamonds has reenergized the diamond markets with new and vibrant fancy color diamonds. Lucent Diamonds offer two distinct diamond product lines: Luminari Diamonds and Imperial Red Diamonds.

Luminari Diamonds are natural diamonds that have been color enhanced to fancy colors with a process that duplicates the hand of Mother Nature but at warp speed. Using controlled pressure and heat (HPHT), these diamonds mature in our labs much as they would deep in the core of the earth. We like to think of ourselves as color incubators. Luminari Diamonds represent the world’s foremost advances in high-pressure, high temperature diamond technology, a process that forever changes the color centers of a natural diamond and displays in visible light the diamond’s most spectacular color.

Luminari Diamonds expand the color palette for diamonds with colors that mirror Nature’s palette; fancy light blue, fancy intense green, fancy yellowish green, fancy greenish yellow, canary yellow, fancy orangy yellow, fancy orange, and and the most astounding of all the yellow green color-shift diamond (yellow in room light, green in the sunlight). Luminari diamonds are available in sizes ranging from melee to 10 carats, in clarities from I to IF. Luminari Diamonds bring to the world of fashion and jewelry the fancy colored diamonds in today’s hottest jewelry lines.

Imperial Red Diamonds achieve their spectacular colors by incorporating the high-pressure high-temperature technology of Luminari Diamonds with the addition of a patented process developed by our corporate partner NDS (Siberia) allowing the diamond to permanently change to the rarest and most coveted of diamond colors. Although the starting material and complexity of the enhancing process limits the number of stones produced annually, red colored diamonds, the rarest of the earth’s jewels, are now no longer exclusive to only royalty and billionaires.

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