Creating Diamonds From Human Ashes

LifeGem uses human ashes to synthesize diamonds

Created diamonds aren’t new. Gem quality diamonds have been synthesized in the lab for some time and are showing up in many sales catalogs. But a company called LifeGem (TM) has come up with a unique twist on diamond creation. They create gemstones from carbon that’s captured during the cremation of human remains.
It’s not a process that will appeal to everyone, but the company is finding that an increasing number of people opt in to the program in order to leave family members a lasting memento, one that’s beautiful and one they can wear all the time.

Getting the Carbon
Carbon released during cremation is captured as a dark powder, then heated to produce graphite. The graphite is sent to a lab where it is synthesized into fancy colored diamonds.

LifeGem recommends you use their cremation process for best results, but the company says it can often retrieve enough carbon to make diamonds from previously cremated remains.

Dozens of stones can be made from one individual.

The size selection is currently 0.25 to 1.3 carats, but the company plans to offer larger diamonds in the future. Prices have decreased since the company was formed, so check LifeGem’s Web site for current details.
The LifeGem process gathers only the carbon produced during cremation. The family will still receive ashes of each individual.

LifeGem says it has an open door policy, allowing you to inspect many aspects of their tracking system. The system follows all remains throughout the entire process, from cremation to faceting. They also offer a more advanced type of system that uses special markers to track remains.

Diamonds From Pets?
Yes, the company will produce diamonds from your pet’s remains.

Diamond Quality
LifeGem says that its overall quality target is to produce gems at the VVS clarity level (very, very slightly included; very, very slightly imperfect).

It’s definitely not for everyone, but LifeGem has indeed come up with a unique memorial option.

Would you wear a diamond created from human ashes?

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