Gemesis™ creates stunning Cultured Diamonds. Gemesis Cultured Diamonds make the exclusive world of fancy colored diamonds accessible to jewelry buyers everywhere. Our proprietary technology enables us to individually grow beautiful fancy vivid yellow and fancy vivid orange diamonds, cut and polish the stones to optimal quality and proportion, and match them in multiple diamond sets.

The technology used to produce gem quality diamonds suitable for jewelry markets was conceived in the 1970′s by Russian scientists in Siberia, perfected in the late 1990′s at University of Florida laboratories, and production engineered at the turn of the century in Gemesis manufacturing facilities. The container in which a diamond grows is centered in the production machine and consists of a carbon source, metal catalysts and a tiny diamond seed.

Approximate pressures of 850,000 pounds per square inch and temperatures reaching over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit are applied to this container. Under these conditions, the carbon source dissolves in the molten metal mixture and grows, atom by atom, on the diamond seed. In just over three days, the pressure and temperature are returned to normal; the container is broken and the hardened metal core is removed and immersed in acid.

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