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iamond Services Ltd. is the Hong Kong company well known among jewelers and diamond collectors due to its helpful devices. The latest one is the DiamaPen, the device that helps to identify HPHT and CVD diamonds. The main benefit of this magic wand is a low price and effectiveness. Now when you decide to buy diamond jewelry take it with you to be sure what diamond exactly you are paying for.

There is another latest device offered by Diamond Services Ltd. to ease the work of jewelers and diamond traders – this is the GemBox RFID scanner. More about it read in the article below:

Diamond Services Ltd., the leading agent in Hong Kong, China, India, Belgium and Israel for GemBox RFID, a provider of the guaranteed 100 percent accurate and most efficient diamond stocktaking technology, will introduce and demonstrate GemBox’s latest innovation at the upcoming Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

“We have succeeded in integrating the operation of a number of advanced, digital diamond scales into the software of GemBox RFID. In practical terms, a diamond’s weight, recorded by the scale, is saved directly by the GemBox software into its stocktaking program and saved simultaneously onto the proprietary tag of the gemstone,” Yossi Kuzi, a co-owner of Diamonds Services Ltd., explained. “This particular procedure cancels the need for an operator to enter a gemstone’s weight into a record, and consequently eliminates any possibility of human error,” Kuzi added.

Stocktaking is a very important and necessary part of a gem dealer’s business management routine. It is, however, also one of the less enjoyable, time-consuming chores. With the introduction of GemBox’s RFID scanner, traders can save precious time in controlling, tallying up and securing their stock of gems and jewelry. The integration of digital diamond scales into this procedure is yet another improvement of this process.

GemBox’s stock taking program is achieved by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identification tags, which are small enough for gem industry applications that enable users to track stock and store information about each item. GemBox’s RFID enables diamond, gem or pearl traders to stock-take up to 1,000 items in 30 seconds. No less important is the issue of thefts, which can be further reduced using tagged parcels at a trade show.

At the fair, Diamond Services, a Hong Kong-based firm that markets advanced technological products to the diamond, gem and jewelry industries, will also display and sell its successful DiamaPen, a low-cost, pen-shaped pointer that provides highly accurate results in the screening and separation of synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds,” he said.

About Gem Box RFID:

Unlike barcode technolgy, RFID does not require any line of sight, suffer from damaged or poorly printed barcodes & removes human error from traditional stock reconciliations.

•We are the only RFID technology that can offer 100% reliability of all tags being read.

•Our PJM technology is specifically designed for large volumes of closely stacked items like briffkas in a diamond box. Failure to read closely stacked items is the single reason other RFID technologies do not work with diamonds.

•We offer the worlds fastest RFID technology offering 1000 tags per second (500 times faster than equivalent LF technologies).

•This delivers full inventory counts in just a few seconds, with 100% reliability.

•Offer 3 Dimensional readers which do not require any fixed orientation of tag to reader.

•No loss of performance with up to 36,000 tags at one time.

•PJM RFID Tags can have data written to, read and rewritten offering a minimum of 10,000 reuses. It is possible to store the entire certificate data for one stone on our chips.

•Our interface will work with software & can be integrated directly.

•We can supply compatible RFID printers that can print human readable data including barcodes, whilst writing the digital data to the RFID chip simultaneously directly from your database.

•Various tag sizes are available to work with both briffkas and smaller hard gem cases.

•Our technology is used in virtually every Casino chip worldwide given that 100% reliability of closely stacked items is essential.
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