Cultured Diamonds FAQ

What are the cultured diamonds?

Cultured or synthetic diamonds are real diamonds. They are made from carbon, exactly the same as natural diamonds. Currently it is possible to distinguish natural from synthetic diamonds, mainly as a result of different types of inclusions, but at some time in the future it may be possible to create undetectable synthetic diamonds.


How do cultured diamonds compare to natural diamonds?

This table shows the differences between natural diamonds, cubic zirconia, and cultured diamonds.

Natural Diamond Cultured Diamond Cubic Zirconia
Price (1 carat, cut, yellow) $20,000 $4,000 < $20
Hardness (Mohs scale) 10 10 8.5
Index of Refraction 2.42 2.42 2.17
Dispersion 0.044 0.044 0.066
Specific Gravity 3.52 3.52 5.80
Main Chemical Component Carbon Carbon Zirconium Oxide
Cleavage Octahedral Octahedral None
Production Cost (est.) $1000s? $100s $1s
Available Since n/a 2004 1977


Man-made diamonds manufacturers?

There are just few cultured diamonds manufacturers in a whole world:

Apollo Diamond
Chatham Created Gems
Gemesis Cultured Diamonds
Lucent Diamonds
New Age Diamond

How to detect cultured diamond?

De Beers Diamond View
Unfortunately, more synthetic diamonds on the market means more attempts to misrepresent them as natural gems. De Beers has developed this machine to help jewelers determine if a diamond is synthetic. Find out how it works.

De Beers Diamond View™
Since the end of 1999, SSEF has yet another state-of-the-art instrument for diamond identification. De Beers gave us a Diamond Viewtm instrument as long-term loan. The Diamond View™, together with the DiamondSure™, was developed at De Beers DTC Research Centre, Maidenhead, to distinguish synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds. The DiamondView™ produces a fluorescence image of the surface of a polished diamond, from which the growth structure of the stone may be determined. On the basis of this fluorescence pattern – which is quite different for natural as compared to synthetic diamonds – a positive identification of the nature of the diamond is assured.

SSEF has already had the chance to test both instruments (DiamondSure™ and DiamondView™) in 1997 for several months. Now we have the DiamondView™ on a long-term loan which puts us once more in line with the few leading gemmological laboratories of the world.

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