DiamondCheck Machine Installed in South Africa Diamond Dealers Club

Do you know how to ensure consumer’s confidence in diamonds? To use diamond detecting machines to help find the authenticity of the stone. There was the noise-stirring case last year associated with synthetic diamonds that were sold like natural diamonds. This turns the diamond trading market into unsafe territory where anyone may be cheated. Later on there was a conference devoted to synthetic diamonds and ways to distribute them legally and openly. In order to not let the above-mentioned situation happen again, GIA signed an agreement with WFDB and promised to supply diamond detection machines to trading centers. And it keeps the promise:

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provided  a synthetic diamond detection machine to the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa earlier this week at the diamond secretariat’s office in Johannesburg. South Africa is the third country to receive this equipment developed by the GIA for the industry. At the end of last year the GIA, in collaboration with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), announced that they would be making these machines available to the 28  member bourses at no cost in order to help detect synthetic diamonds.

Ernie Blom, the chairman of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa, received the machine on behalf of the club. Blom thanked the GIA for its assistance and assured them that the machinery will be put to good use. “This initiative forms part of the proactive strategy employed by the diamond industry worldwide to ensure consumer confidence in diamonds,” Blom commented.

Tom Moses from the GIA did the official handing over, while Mike Breeding explained the development and technology that went into creating this product during the handing over process.


This information is taken from http://www.diamonds.net/News/NewsItem.aspx?ArticleID=46140&ArticleTitle=Diamond+Dealers+Club+of+South+Africa+Installs+DiamondCheck+Machine+


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