Diamond Series Lasers

To comprehend how progressive the achievement found in the news below is we should say some words about micromachining. Micromachining is used to produce tiny holes, lines and other cuts on many different samples including a variety of metals, plastic and organic materials. The size of the structures cut can range from a couple of microns to several millimeters. The spheres micromachining is applied in are numerous: medicine, micro-electronics, micro marking to name a few. Now there are even more possibilities with Diamond Series Lasers: Laser Machining Technologies LLC, a division of Laser Marking Technologies LLC, is unveiling its Diamond Series lasers for cold micromachining of 3-D forms, 2-D shapes and for many types of materials including but not limited to polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride, tungsten carbide, rubies, natural and man-made diamonds, and many other exotic and hard-to-machine materials.

The lasers achieve surface precision in all depth ranges with continuous in-process monitoring. They are solid-state lasers for surface qualities up to 0.8 μm, or 0.00003 in. They feature a swiveling monitor for easy setup, yet they position flat against the machine surface to save space. They remain thermally stable with a solid granite base, and they enable rapid prototyping.  They include software and import 3-D files with ease.

The information is taken from http://www.photonics.com/Article.aspx?AID=51598

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