Conference Devoted to Synthetic Diamonds

The reaction to this world- shattering event was not long in coming. There is the conference next month specifically organized to focus on synthetic diamonds, on undisclosed synthetic diamonds in particular. Just to remind you, there isn’t the first case when synthetic diamonds were mixed with natural gems and sold to diamontories. It grows to a problem, in order to stop the process and solve the problem the Rapaport Group will turn diamond experts’ and public attention to this issue:

Diamond expert and Rapaport group chairman Martin Rapaport will host a presentation focused on synthetic diamonds at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain’s (Gem-A) five-day conference next month.

Rapaport is set to speak on the afternoon of Sunday November 3 at the Goldsmiths’ Hall in London. There, he will address the threat of synthetic diamonds being mixed with natural diamonds and sold to consumers without disclosure.

The presentation will include insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the diamond industry with practical policy guidelines that can ensure a sustainable ethical diamond trade.

He said: ‚ÄúThe diamond trade must wake up to the fact that diamonds are only as good as the people who sell them. The mixing of blood diamonds and synthetic diamonds with legitimate diamonds and their fraudulent sale to consumers is evil and must be stopped.¬†Responsible jewellers and consumers must reject unethical suppliers who should be named, blamed and shamed.”

Gem-A will celebrate its 100th anniversary of the first gemmology diploma and the 50th anniversary of the first awarded diamond diploma at its five day conference in November.

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