Apollo Diamonds

Apollo Diamonds is based in Boston, Massa-chusetts, while the other manufacturer, Gemesis, is located in Sarasota, Florida; they employ entirely different technologies. Apollo Diamonds uses an entirely different technology, called chemical vapour deposition (CVD).

Apollo Diamond produces nearly flawless single crystal diamond wafers and crystals for the optoelectronics, nanotechnology, and consumer gem markets.

Apollo Diamond, Inc., harnesses the natural growth of diamond to broaden access to the world’s highest quality material. The high level of purity of Apollo Diamond’s material offers new opportunities for uses of diamond in areas previously unattainable, forever changing how the world uses diamond.

Apollo Diamond grows 100% diamond crystals that match or exceed the purity and beauty of the finest naturally mined diamond gemstones in the world.

Apollo created diamonds are low nitrogen type IIa crystals that are grown as water white crystals. They also can be grown in light pink, blue or jet black colors.

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