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Some customers looking for more affordable but real diamonds usually hesitate between enhanced or treated diamonds and synthetic diamonds. While you can find more detailed information about what treated diamonds are here, in the article below we tried to reveal the topic of HPHT diamonds, that are made with the help of high pressure high temperature. Even though true diamonds come out of lab chambers but there are still debates on a proper term that should be applied to man made diamonds. Yet not a name but properties are of the main concern, so keep on reading to find specific details on HPHT diamonds:

Colored diamonds are very rare and extremely expensive and it seems like they are normally purchased by a very rich consumers but that fact does not stop them from being more popular than ever.
HPHT treatment is a process which is very similar to nature, putting the diamond back into the environment in which is formed ….

HPHT stands for high pressure which is very similar to nature, putting the diamond back into the environment in which is informed…

At the beginning in 1980 HPHT used to turn yellowish diamonds into fancy colored diamonds, but now it is also used to transform some unpopular brownish into more expensive colorless diamonds.
Nowadays HPHT treatment can also change certain diamond to Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Purple,

There are 3 types of color enhance process, Coating, HPHT, and Irradiation,
HPHT is the most expensive treatment but is also a permanent treatment; The color of the treatment will not fade over time, while the irradiated diamond will lose their color if
They’re exposing to a torch or high treatment heat

Some fact to know about HPHT

1. HPHT is permanent
2. The federal trade Commission (FTC) requires that HPHT be disclosed.
3. Most HPHT diamonds weight over ½ carat.
4. HPHT diamonds should cost less than similar diamonds.
5. Most HPHT have ideal cut.
6. all HPHT came with a certificate from GIA or EGL


HPHT can be made only on high clarity diamonds like: VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 and flawless, The reason is because the treatment is based on high pressure and high temperature ,Typical HPHT conditions can be in excess of 2000d degrees and
60,000 atmospheres. Use of such extreme conditions is not without its danger. During the process Diamonds with inclusions and fractures can be broken and surfaces can be become frosted. Even the very slight inclusion can blow up the stone during the process

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