A New Name of an Old Company? Who is There Behind IIa Technologies?

There is another lab-growing manufacturer that has recently emerged on the market of synthetic diamonds. The name speaks for the produce — IIa Technologies specializes in the production of colorless diamonds. Though nothing was heard about this manufacturer before, it claims to have an 8-year experience in growing nearly flawless pure diamonds. How could it be? If you want to know more about this company and the diamonds they offer, keep on reading then.

Rob Bates in his article for JCK writes:

Last week, I received a release from IIa Technologies, which at first glance appeared to be a new company based out of Singapore that produces lab-grown diamonds. The release included some pretty impressive boasts. It uses a new process: Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition! It can produce to specifications! It is the world’s biggest diamond grower!

But what got me a little more interested in this company is its seeming connection to Gemesis Corp., even though it never acknowledges or references Gemesis in its company history.

Certainly, the connections appear to be there. IIa Technology’s board includes Vishal and Sonia Mehta, both of whom were involved in Gemesis. There’s a LinkedIn profile that calls Gemesis “the former name” of IIa. It is also based in Singapore, where Gemesis has an office, according to a speech by the country’s prime minister (who calls Gemesis an “Indian company”). And finally, look at that IIa logo. The exact same insignia can be seen on the Gemesis site.

I’d like to have you think finding those links was the result of hard-core investigative reporting, but really, it took about 20 minutes tops. Even though IIa’s press release repeatedly talks about gem diamonds, it does seem a little more oriented toward producing diamonds for industrial uses than Gemesis. And the two companies do have different PR firms—neither of which have answered my queries about any connection between Gemesis and IIa. In fact, IIa sent me a release, and then told me to send some queries. I did, and then the PR people told me they wouldn’t answer any questions about the company. Gemesis told me last week it would get back to me but hasn’t as of yet. (UPDATE: Gemesis has now declined comment, saying it is a private company, albeit one that may have two PR firms.)

This information is taken from http://www.jckonline.com/blogs/cutting-remarks/2013/04/03/new-lab-grown-diamond-company-that-doesnt-seem-all-that-new

More about IIa Technologies you can find on their official website http://2atechnologies.com/

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